Thursday, July 3, 2014

Holyland guest House

Holyland Guest House   The means of accommodation in Kathmandu, or stay in Nepal, are very important when it comes to tourism industry in Nepal. As thousands of tourists visit Nepal every year for several of purposes including trekking in Nepal, expedition or the adventure activities like the Bunjee Jumping, Paragliding, White Water Rafting, it becomes very important that we have better facilities of accommodation for the visiting tourists. And to address this thing, we have plenty of guesthouses and lodges in the country, in Kathmandu in particular, which have been providing some good services to the clients and customers which visit Nepal for traveling purpose. There are many better Lodge in Nepal which have all the necessary services which are expected to be in a good lodge. Holyland Guest House located in the Capital city of Kathmandu is one of the popular guesthouses in Kathmandu which has been providing great services to the clients for many years. The affordable price, availability of basic services like hot and cold water, comfortable and clean rooms, internet services are some of the features of Holyland Guest House.

  Holyland Guest House, with its formidable location in the tourist region of Thamel, is one of the oldest and the most popular guesthouse in Kathmandu. Many of the visiting tourists prefer this guesthouse because of its location and also because of the services it provides. Besides the guesthouses, lodges and also some cheap budget hotel in Kathmandu, the tourists can also take the facilities of a five-star or deluxe hotel while in Kathmandu. The Capital city has around 10 luxury hotels, and the tourists can enjoy the services and get the taste of it if they are willing to spend more during their Nepal tour. The good services of hotels, lodges and guesthouses become even more significant during Kathmandu Valley Package Tour as during this tour, the visiting tourists spend a few days in Kathmandu visiting around the temples and monuments of the city. The services and hospitality offered by the hotel staffs has a very significant role in having that first impression upon the tourists which will later affect the length of their stay and their overall impression about Nepal as a country. Pokhara Valley Tour is another popular activity amongst the tourists as they visit the famous lake city of Pokhara. Quite obviously, there are several better guesthouses and hotels in Pokhara City which continue to satisfy the visiting tourists along with the natural beauty of the place.

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