Friday, May 23, 2014

Cheap Accommodation in Nepal

The facility of accommodation for the visiting tourists is very important in Nepal as it is one of the perfect gestures that can be showed to the tourists as a sign of hospitality. As it is a well known fact that Nepal is one of the most popular and most sought-after destinations from across the world for travel and tourism. Every year, thousands of international tourists visit Nepal for trekking, peak climbing and other sightseeing and adventure related activities. Hence, the prospect of providing good accommodation services to the visiting tourists becomes very paramount as it provides them with the first glimpse of Nepal, the services available here and also the hospitality of the Nepalese. Considering the fact, there are several opportunities for cheap accommodation in Nepal as there are several hotels, guesthouses and also hostels available at the disposal of the tourists. Kathmandu Guest House is a household name amongst several guesthouses in Kathmandu as it is one of the oldest and the most popular guesthouse in Kathmandu. Besides the Kathmandu Guest House, there are several other guesthouses in the Capital city of Kathmandu and also in the other cities of Nepal.
  Guesthouses and hotels have been providing the services of cheap accommodation in Kathmandu and other major cities for many years and there is no surprise that majority of the visiting tourists still prefer the guesthouses and the hotels as their primary choice for the accommodation. Recently though, the concept of Hostel in Nepal has also become popular for temporary accommodation for the visiting tourists and also for the domestic migrants. The tourists can go for Hostel in Kathmandu for some cheap accommodation if they are planning to stay for short period of length. The Hotels in Kathmandu provide all the basic facilities needed for the tourists and recently many tourists have also been attracted to the idea of staying in Hostel in Kathmandu besides the usual choices of Hotels and other guesthouses. Besides these options, the tourists also have the choice to go for Lodge in Nepal as they are relatively cheaper than the guesthouses and other hotels in the city. Budget Hotels in Nepal are especially favorable for the tourists who are on limited budget and who would not want to spend much for accommodation. All in all, the international visitors will have plenty of options for cheap accommodation in Nepal ranging from hotels, hostels to guesthouses.

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